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A fully customized, results driven, hyper-effective approach to training.

On SOFRUN, our athletes are able to improve their running times faster than ever, using fully tailored workouts and training blocks that evolve with them.

This program has helped prepare hundreds of tactical athletes for SFAS, BUD/s, Ranger School, MARSOC, SWCC and more.

Backed by our Total Performance Guarantee:

You see results, or we train you for FREE.

SOFRUN - Personalized Running Training Plan - Combat Medicine


  • Fully Custom Training
  • Total Performance Guarantee
  • Limited Capacity
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The best way to train just got better.

We have improved every aspect of SOFRUN, from the intake process and user interface, to our ability to track and monitor workouts, and keep our athletes accountable.

All programs are now updated monthly, for further and more rapid athletic improvement.

What this means for you, is even faster, better, longer lasting results, with a streamlined training system that adapts as you do, based on in-depth tracking an analytics.

SOFRUN (Special Operations Forces Running) is an exclusive running system. Our programming is completely personalized to you as an individual, meticulously designed to get you from where you are to where you need to be. These plans are made by award-winning professional running trainer/coach Nick Leman, who has worked with Olympic athletes & track and field teams, all the way to Combat Fitness Tactical Athletes who have gone on to do some of the most difficult military selections in the world.

Your training is updated every single month, and is totally dependant on your trackable progress. This level of personalization is the reason that SOFRUN has a 100% athlete success rate.

Upon joining, you will receive an email with a link to your intake process! 

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Results. Guaranteed.

Our athletes have seen incredible improvements in their running times, usually even just within the first month of training. Our ultimate goal is to get our athletes to their goals in a timely & efficient manner. We take a different approach, putting a large emphasis on rest and recovery, as well as speed work.

We deliver rapid results with minimal training volume, to get you to your goals as efficiently as possibly.

If you have questions about joining, simply text us.


Real Results.

This athlete knocked 10 minutes of fhis 10km record. That is huge.

With our breakthrough, professional method of training, we focuss on quality over volume. Short, hard runs are guaranteed to make you fast. It isnt about how much you run, but rather the quality of your training plan.

Backed by our Total Performance Guarantee.

We take athletes of all levels.

Less time training, more time seeing results. Our methods are not only tried, but proven time and time again. We work with athletes of all elvels, whether you currently struggle to run 1 mile, or you are heading for BUD/S in 2 months.

More feedback.

With my experience I can say that the training is based on the USMC.I rate this as one of the best .

Tomas Skohoutil

I've been struggling with running for a while. Hopped on this plan 2 months ago and dropped my 10km time by ELEVEN MINUTES. 
This shit works. Nick is the real deal. 5 stars all day!!!

Jacob P.

This program is excellent! It's challenging yet doable. Gives specific effort and heart rate goals while building aerobic capacity. I actually look forward to running!

The 35 Minute 5 Mile - Combat Fitness

The 35 Minute 5 Mile

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Results guaranteed in 4 weeks or we train you for free.

Based off of our world-class SOFRUN training program, this pre-made plan outlines the path to a 35 minute 5 mile run; a staple in many special forces selections, and a fantastic general fitness target.

This program features detailed explanations of each workout, and a calculated structural cycle of threshold, interval, and zone 2/3 training. 

This program has been used successfully by thousands of tactical athletes, hundreds of whom went on to some of the toughest selection processes in the world, such as SFAS, BUD/s, Ranger School/RASP, MARSOC, SWCC, British Royal Marines and more.

This is a 12-week training program.

SOFRUN - Personalized Running Training Plan - Combat Medicine


Regular price$129.00

The Running Collection

Designed to perfect your run, all protected by our Total Performance Guarantee.